PEP implements now Password in combination with User ID (your NSU ID) in the Login procedure.

Initially your password
is generic and it is the word pharmacy.

After the initial login, you will be asked to establish a password for yourself for PEP that you will use for your login from that time on.

If you have any concerns or questions, email

Student Preceptor Administrator
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The Professional Experience Program (PEP) website is a complete set of tools for students, preceptors and administrators to manage the information, communication and site assignment for the Professional Experience Program courses in the NSU College of Pharmacy. For instructions regarding the use of this program click on the help button at the right top of this screen.
If you have any comments or you wish to report any problems you have encountered
running this website, please send them to

If for some reason you need to logout from your previous session with PEP click: Session Logout

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